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$680.00 / Corporate Server
Corporate Server
$680.00 Annual Fee


Your Website will fit right here

150 MB of Server Space
NO monthly fees
CPanel managing System
Top of the line Dual Xeon server
Secure Server SSL available
Shopping Cart Software FREE
Design available.
Browser access CPanel server control
3 Gigabytes of Bandwith / Month
Full Site Statistics On - Line
FTP Access - 24 / 7
On Line support - 24 / 7
CGI, PHP, Java Scripts, plus 39 other scripts - Free
20 POP E Mail boxes and
Unlimited E Mail Forwarding Accounts

Full Design services, support & advice available

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Server Options:

AIMwebs Server Options
Overview of our Servers
Starter Server
Basic Server
Storefront Server
Commercial Server

- HTML Design / pages and forms
- Overage Bandwidth @ $8 / Mb/ month
- Additional E Mail POP boxes available

Advanced Internet Marketing's
Virtual Server packages are the ideal Internet presence solution. Servers can be upgraded at any time to a larger sized server package and receive full credit for all unused months of prepaid service!

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