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Your website represents your business to the internet visitor. It's important that it effectively brings the products, concepts and goals of your company to them in a concise, functional and understandable manner. AIMwebs uses our skills to achieve these results for you. We have over 15+ years of website design experience, management, and talent to provide you.

All our websites are client driven. We build sites to meet our client wishes. The direction, purpose and appearance reflect the client and must be their choice. We inject our experience and knowledge into the process, but the client is always the final voice.

At AIMwebs we design websites based on an overall concept of simplicity of design and a wealth of content. The goal is a clean and simple approach that is appealing but doesn't affect the impact of the message. Simplicity and content are the guides we follow, ease of use and delivery of the message are the results.

Simplicity doesn't mean that a site should be "simple", or that it won't have built-in interest and action, as this page does. We love the options given to us with this medium, but the "flash and sizzle" should be an side show to the overall message of the site, not the driving reason for the page.

We start by defining a concept of the pages. Selecting a style, font, type size and format for the site; logos, pictures and images that relate to the content. The "Theme colors" that generally are related to the client's logos or advertising program. Then we layout the areas that we want to cover and bring to the attention of the visitor. Followed by the flow of the links, a smooth method of progression, to develop these areas. The result should be that; a clear path is defined from the entry of the site to the area sought and a result is offered. The visitor gets the function; the information, service or product they sought, and the website has served its' purpose. It's succeed

That's How It Works when you work with AIMwebs.

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We prefer to custom quote on all website design in excess of 3 pages.
We're happy to quote on any site, new or a rebuild, if asked.

Our basic prices include some image generation, modifications or stylizing.
Text and images are to be supplied by the client, all design goes through a
2 x revisions review. Additional revisions may be subject to additional cost.
Subsites, duplicate layouts and or features, may be less.

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