Our Control Panel Software is always being updated and improved to make it easy-to-use and comprehensive.
Here are some of the features included in our Cpanel software - Complete Cpanel manual here:
  • GETTING THERE: You reach your control panel using this address:

    http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel  ... or: http://www.yourdomain.com:2082
    ~ You will be prompted for your USER name and PASSWORD. Have them handy.

    Replace "
    yourdomain.com" with your own domain name in your browser. 
    You can also use your IP address instead of your domain name to access your control panel.
    For example:
    If you are a new client (less than 4-5 days), then using your IP Address is the better way to access your control panel. 

  • PASSWORD As administrators of your server, we store your logon and password that's setup when your server is initialized.
    Most clients keep the original password, but you can change it as you wish. NOTE:  we cannot provide any changed passwords so,
    if you change your password, make sure to record it in a safe place. We cannot confirm the password, once it is changed.

  • STATS: Site statistics are included in the Cpanel services. Just click on Web/FTP Stats, and select any of the seven different
    formats available to view the traffic to your site. You can find incredible info about your site traffic here.

  • MAIL: Under your Cpanel you have full control of the email for your server. You can add an UNLIMITED number of aliases, and as many mailboxes as your server is allocated.  Look on the Cpanel main page for this information. This easy to use interface makes mailbox additions, deletions, and modifications a breeze.  Your new mailboxes and aliases are ready for use as soon as you enter them.
  • FRONTPAGE:  You can activate or reset your site's FrontPage extensions from your Cpanel. 
    Please note: Front Page extensions alone can use up to 8 MB of server space. Look at your space before you activate. )

  • BANDWIDTH: A complete breakdown of your bandwidth usage is shown on the Cpanel. We automatically advise you when your bandwidth is nearing your server guideline limit. Limits are based on 80% of the estimated monthly usage for your site. If you are not in the last few days of the month or you expect more traffic than normal, advise Support and we will raise the monthly guideline. The 80% level is used to stop hackers from using your server for spamming or email bombing. By setting guideline limits we are able to halt problems before they start.

    * Monitor your bandwidth - Don't exceed your Server Limit: The overage fee is $8.00 per extra Gigabyte.

E-Mail support@aimwebs.com for assistance.


Rev: 2/1/2007