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AIMwebs offers FrontPage extensions on all servers, for all customers. We do not support FrontPage, and we cannot suggest this software as a design program. Use of FrontPage on a server can increase your server space usage from 8 to 20+ Mb. It can cause your site to exceed the limits you chose for your site and exceed your contract for service.

FrontPage Extensions:
WARNING: It is recommended that you DO NOT install FrontPage Extensions on your account unless you intend to publish your site directly from the FrontPage application. Uninstalling the extensions from the main domain will uninstall the extensions from all subdomains and addon domains. Uninstalling will also remove all .htaccess files in your web root (public_html). You must have the extensions installed on the main domain before they can be installed on any subdomains or addon domains. Installing or uninstalling FrontPage Extensions will result in the loss of all .htaccess files in your web area. Any directories you have protected with WebProtect will become unprotected until you reprotect them.

If you want to begin using FrontPage for the first time, you can install the FrontPage extensions at any time by using your site's Cpanel.  You reach your Cpanel by entering : . You will need your username and password to enter the Cpanel.

If you want to publish your site using FrontPage and already have the frontpage extensions installed on your site then please see your FrontPage documentation for more information. All files for the site are placed under the Public HTML folder. An option to uploading your files via FrontPage is to use a FTP program ( File Transfer Protocol ). Free FTP software can be downloaded at the
Tucows website, including Coffee Cup Free FTP.

FrontPage Features ~ (As stated by Microsoft Corp.)
FrontPage is comprehensive site creation & management software with many useful features not found in similar products. FrontPage consists of the Explorer, a graphical site management tool comfortably similar to the Windows Explorer, and the Editor, a powerful WYSIWYG and HTML page creation tool.

The FrontPage Explorer provides excellent features that take the difficulty out of managing a web site, such as automatically updating hyperlinks when file names or paths change. Multiple views allow the user to analyze how their hyperlinks are intertwined, as well as easily fix broken ones. A powerful Find command makes it easy to update content across all the site's pages.

The FrontPage Editor makes it possible for novices to create web pages using the graphical WYSIWYG interface (It therefore isn't necessary to know HTML design language ). Power users will find the ability to edit their HTML directly, right along side with the graphical interface.

Rounding out the package are Webbots, plug-and-play software components that provide essential web functions, like a search engine, hit counters, discussion group  Themes provide an instant, consistent graphical design scheme across a web site.

FrontPage creates multiple copies of the images and pages of your website and loads them onto your server space. Be aware that you can exceed the space allowances by using FrontPage versus other design programs. It is your responsibility to keep your files within the space limits. Overage charges are $8.00 per Mb/ per month.

For more information, visit the Microsoft FrontPage site.

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