Getting Started With Your Server

AIMwebs: Getting Started

The very first step is to change your domains DNS to the name servers you received in your welcome email. Note: If you purchased your domain from us we will do this step for you. If you didn't purchase it from us and need more information please email, subject: Changing DNS.

After your DNS changes have been made please allow 12-24 hours for your DNS to propagate worldwide. During this initial period your site will be available via FTP for loading of your files. If after 24 hours your site is still not working contact us ASAP.

*NOTE: By default you have no email address setup. The main username may look like it's a setup email, but if you wish to use it you will need to add it as an email account.

Uploading to your site

You can begin uploading to your account now by using a FTP client or cPanel's File Manager. If you are using an FTP program put in your sites ip address under the "host address" field. Once your ftp is connected go into the "public_html" folder and upload your files to this folder. To replace the default place holder page you must upload an index.html . All file names must be in lowercase lettering.

Control Panel And Important Links

  • Note: "" should be your sites IP address until your DNS has proprogated.
  • Your control panel is located at
  • Your webmail is located at
  • You can view your site before the DNS has proprogated at http://iphere/~usernamehere/
  • Note: Don't forget the trailing / and the ~

    Support Guidelines

    If you have any questions please check out our FAQ first: Features.

    Use Our Email Support:

    The quickest and best way to get all problems solved and more complicated questions answered is by e-mailing . Most emails are answered within minutes, but if it is a complicated problem it may take
    a little longer as it is moved up to higher level technicians.

    If you're ever unhappy with a response or need more help simply respond back to the ticket and we will continue to help you.

    Please do not send multiple emails on the same issue or the help process will be slowed down. Please always provide your main account domain and username as well as a step-by-step of how to reproduce your problem including any login information that may be needed. (Note: We record your password, but we may ask you to provide a security question to access your server.)

    When to use phone support: Feel free to call us for help, 9 am ~ 5 pm EST, but keep in mind that for serious issues an email to will be needed, and is the better way to gain service.


    Your web hosting renewal fee will be billed automatically to you at least 30 days in advance. If you wish to cancel, upgrade,
    update your contact information, or anything else billing related please email:


    Please refer your friends to AIMwebs. We'll give you a discount based on the services they purchase.

E-Mail for Assistance


Rev: 9/28/2009