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Quick link access to your WEBMAIL account from your browser 
Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla: http://www."":2095

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Once selected, you should use the same program each time you use
As an example: Horde is one of the web-based e-mail interfaces that we offer to clients. Horde includes many of handy extra features, particularly handy for someone who needs something more than just basic webmail. Horde is made up of several modules, each with a specific purpose:
  • Horde's address book and contact management application is capable of attachments, spell-check, address books, multiple folders, and multiple-language support.
  • A web-based calendar and daily organizer. It provides a robust web-based calendar for individual users with repeating events, and a smart algorithm to display a whole day of events even if many of them overlap with each other.
  • A simple, multi-user task list manager.
  • A simple note manager (memo pad application).


You will be able access your email from any computer with internet access, using the private email web interface URL, username and password provided to you when your POP account was created.

If you require more Horde information, consult this detailed and printable Horde User FAQ.

If you want to have a "one-stop" URL string that gets you logged in, edit the following template, replacing your own email username, domain name, and password.

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