WS_FTP Instructions

FTP Software

Download a trial pagkage of WS_FTP
for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

An alternate is SmartFTP
for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

Tucows has many Free and Shareware FTP  Programs, go to Tucows.

Configure Your FTP Client

This example shows the WS-FTP program interface. Other FTP programs will have similar input areas.

wsftp1.gif (5178 bytes)


Session Properties will appear add the following parameters:


In the 'Profile Name' box, enter a title for your site so you can select it later on.


In the 'Host Name/Address' box, enter your domain name.  If your domain name does not point to your site, use your IP Address that we provided you in your configuration e-mail sent to you when you ordered the site.


In the 'User ID' box enter the user name provided to you.


Enter your 'Password'


Do not select 'Anonymous' check box


Always select 'Save Pwd' (Save Password)


Optionally: Set the 'Startup' tab.

NOTE: All site files must be placed in the directory, public_html,
or a sub-folder of that folder. Files NOT placed there aren't visable
to visitors to your site.

 wsftp2.gif (4780 bytes)


Enter '/public_html' in the top text box


Optionally, select the local directory to point to your local files
or, move through the directories in the program once connected to the server.


Select 'OK'

FTP To Your Web Site

Your program will show you two Windows. They represent your system, on the left side,
and the AIMwebs virtual server system on the right side. You will be sending files from
the Home system (left side) to the Virtual server (right side) by selecting files and clicking
on the transfer button.


Go to your Home system Directory on the left side of the window.
This is the folder where all your files for your site are stored.
There may be sub folders too. They should be transfered intact.

wsftp4.gif (10637 bytes)


Select all of the htm, html, gif, and jpg files that you want to transfer
by highlighting them, as shown above.


Click the transfer button, the right arrow '->'
on the bar in the middle of the windows.

This is what the virtual server window will look like after you have uploaded your files and folders.
DO NOT delete any files already placed in this folder, except the index.html file.

wsftp5.gif (10671 bytes)


All of your files will now be uploaded to your web site.
You can now view the files you uploaded by accessing your site on your browser.

Make sure to click "reload" to refresh the view of your site on your browser toolbar, if you've made any changes. This will clear your cached files and load the new ones.

Once completed - Close the FTP Program and finalize the transfer.

E-Mail for assistance


Rev: 9/28/2009